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Applock APK 2.8.10 – Download for Android (8.1 MB)

Applock APK
Posted by Erin Lowe
Applock Apk

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Millions and billions of people all around the globe use android phones and iOS phones for sure. Well, the fact is, we use various personal apps that store our personal life, professional life, financial details, health details and a lot more. But the question is, are these details safe if we don’t hide or lock them? It is actually not, anyone can check your personal chats and emails when you are not around your phone.


Of course, we all want our data and the information in the device to be safe and secured, and that’s how we trust and download the Applock Apk from the play store. Well, to help you and your private data be safe, here we have got one of the best apps in the market that just locks the apps in the phone, and let them be completely protected. Keen to know more about the app? Yes, we are talking about Applock Apk for Android. This particular app just keeps other wandering eyes away from your personal stuff.


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What is Applock Apk?

Well, downloading this particular app is pretty easy! Applock apk is one such app that is quite lightweight, and it just helps you to lock in all the apps and the files present in your android smartphone. However, it is the foremost basic feature and benefit of using this particular app. Also, without the necessary access, no one can ever uninstall or disable them. As you have initiated the security to your phone through Applock, no one can unblock or unlock or disable the app for sure.

The Applock apk app eventually allows you to lock all the files as well that includes your photographs, files, documents, videos and of course all your contacts and messages too. Well, it works quite simple, as in you just have to create a password while locking all your apps and files in just a matter of minutes.

Well, from that minute, you will have to enter the password every time you want to use an app or open a file for that matter. However, if someone is even trying to uninstall it, he/she won’t be able to do that, as even to uninstall or disable the password, the other user will be asked to enter the password.

How to download Applock Apk?

Download Applock APK is pretty simple and easy. You just have to ensure that you have enough space within your Android device-

  • Make sure to search for the right and genuine Applock apk download Latest Version link, and get it downloaded within your device.
  • It is necessary that you enable the “unknown sources” in your device settings.
  • Once done, just download the app from the apk link and you will be able to finish off with it and you can simply open and start using them.
  • However, at first you will have to start by putting your password, and then only you can lock the apps and files.

App Info

App name Applock APK
Version 2.8.10
Size 8.1 MB
Update 8th March 2019
Price Free

App Review

Well, so far this app has ranked as one of the safest one to lock information in your phone. You might be knowing many other similar apps, but their credibility is still in doubt. If you are looking for an app locking app, then this Applock APK free download would be the right choice for you.


Is Applock apk legit?

Yes, of course, it is! Many people are using it and they have shared positive feedback about Applock. This app is even recommended by top techs too.

Does it keep your photos and videos too safe?

Yes, it keeps them safe too. However, the app name is Applock, but it keeps every app safe and secure, which also includes your gallery, file manager, music player, and others.

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