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How To Play Pokemon Go On Windows PC

Posted by Erin Lowe

Although Nintendo has only sold the game of the moment for Android and iOS mobile platforms, from MakeUseOf they detail a guide to play Pokémon GO on Windows PC, which is based on a tutorial by Travis D.

As you know, Pokemon GO is the new Nintendo game transferring one of its biggest franchises to mobile platforms using augmented reality. The title has become a phenomenon, sweeping downloads, active users and game time, becoming the most popular mobile game in history in the United States.

In addition, Pokémon GO has managed to put Nintendo in the first place of the media news, something that it had not achieved for many quarters, where negative news accumulated due to its red numbers due to the decline in sales of portable consoles, the lack of innovation, the drop in sales of portable consoles and the weakness of the Wii U compared to its counterparts at Sony and Microsoft. Not everything is positive and there is talk of malware, accidents due to its use or use in absurd locations.

The game is free-to-play and basically consists of searching and finding Pokemon in real scenarios anywhere in the world, capturing them, training them and putting them to fight against other players. 

How I play Pokemon GO on Windows PC

The physical movement to capture the creatures is replaced by a GPS spoofing method. Here is a clarification: this method violates the Terms of Service and Nintendo could kick players out. Furthermore, the method is not straightforward and requires the use of several applications.

Knowing the above warnings, it is possible to play Pokémon GO on Windows PC by following these steps:

  1. Install Blue Stacks, the application that allows you to run Android apps on Windows or Mac.
  2. Install King Root, a root access tool. Run and click on optimize. Close below, we will not use it anymore.
  3. Install Fake GPS to spoof the location.
  4. In the Blue Stacks sidebar you will find the folder icon. Open the GPS simulator.
  5.  Install and run Lucky Patcher, a tool for modifying application permissions.
  6.  Restart Blue Stacks and the Android plug-ins again.
  7. Install Pokémon GO. Don’t run it yet.
  8. Configure Fake GPS. Run and activate expert mode. Select the desired location to impersonate and save it. Every time you want to go to another location you will have to repeat the process with Fake GPS.
  9. Start the game and if you have executed the steps correctly, you can now play Pokémon GO on Windows PC or at least a substitute for the game to capture creatures without having to go to real physical locations.

Another simpler alternative

An easier way to play Pokemon GO on Windows PC is to use some emulators which you can download from downloadroms, that comes with the game pre-installed. It is slower than the previous method with Blue stacks and more complicated in changing the location, but easier to install and configure.

Several ways to use Pokemon GO on Windows PC while Nintendo considers whether to extend the game from iOS and Android mobile platforms, after a request to bring it to Windows 10 Mobile. And on the contrary, if you are tired of this game and all the phenomenon created around it and that floods the Internet, remember that you can use extensions in browsers that erase it from your virtual life.

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