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Psiphon APK 224 – Download for Android (10.5 MB)

Psiphon apk
Posted by Erin Lowe
psiphon apk

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Security is one of the main concerns for every internet user, especially if you are using some android operating system, the matter exceeds a lot as your contact list, and your data is also involved here. We often preferred to access secure websites only, but the situations are a lot when we accidentally or willingly get involved in accessing some scams or fraud websites. Finding out the safe and unsecured sites is quite tricky, but the best you can do here is to provide a mask to your identity.

Psiphon APK

You can make use of VPN services to mask up to your user id. Such applications are the most natural source that offers you free and secure access over a wide range of platforms. We are here going to introduce with one of the most favored VPN services and that is Psiphon APK 224.


What is Psiphon APK ?

Psiphon APK for Android and secure VPN application that offers you the opportunity of accessing a wide range of websites across the world without any hesitation. It is the most natural source to navigate freely on the internet without having any restrictions or security issues. You can even get access to those websites as well that have been blocked by various providers and include some location issues.

This application has a magnificent structure that offers a straightforward and interactive interface to the users to work on. These VPN services provide an open tunnel to connect you through different countries of the world. One of the best things about these VPN services is that it allows for the facility of checking out the internet traffic to your website a well.

So if you are willing to enjoy the world of free internet without having any security concerns, Psiphon APK is just there for you. One of the best things about this beautiful application is that you don’t need to make any registration process, any subscription charges or not even need to configure for it as well. The app includes various automatic protocols that offer users quite effective and reliable access every time they get it.

How to download Psiphon APK 224?

Download Psiphon APK 224 is one of the best VPN applications that surely everyone wants to have to enjoy safe and secure access over such a vast ocean of the internet.  The downloading process is quite simple and easy to go, you enable installation from third-party sources before going further with the process.

  • Download latest version Psiphon APK from the above button.
  • Launch Settings option from your device and then proceed forward with the Security Section.
  • Tap on Unknown Sources option to enable it.
  • Now search and select for the option of Psiphon APK on your web browser..
  • Allow downloading by pressing green colored Download button.
  • On the completion of the process; find the downloaded .exe app and then press Install to get this app installed on your device.
  • Wait and once done enjoy the app just by accessing it from the provided app icon.

App Review

Psiphon APK is a sure shot solution for all of your security issues. The best part about these VPN services is that it is free to use. You can now easily access to your favorite websites without having any security issues and geological restrictions as well.

App Info

App Name Psiphon APK
Version 224
Size 9.8 MB
Update 8th April 2019
Price Free


Is Psiphon safe to use?

Yes, it is perfectly safe to use. It is a circumvention tool that utilizes VPN, SSH and HTTP Proxy technology to offer you seamless access over the various internet contents.

Is Psiphon Legal?

Psiphon APK free download is a open source internet VPN that offers secure access to the users along with the help of obfuscation technology. It is designed to support users from various parts of the world.

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